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Comprehensive range of care support services for travellers

Unlike any other travel company, we offer a range of care support services that allow those with a support need to travel in ways that they may not have been able to achieve before. 

From families who want to travel with an older relative, to ardent travellers who may have had to curtail their adventures due to later life needs, our aim is to remove obstacles at every step of your journey and provide whatever care, nursing or medical resource is appropriate.

Our care mission is to continually provide high quality health and social care support in a safe, effective and caring way to meet the individual needs of the people who choose to use our services. Whether the companion required for travel is a care worker, nurse or fully qualified Doctor, everything we do is centred on the unique individuals entrusted into our care.  

People matter to us; both those needing our care support and their families, who have the reassurance that their relative is at the heart of our focus. 

Carlauren Care
Accommodating your every need.. 

Our desire to travel safely and securely and seek out new adventures often never changes, but our physical ability to remove ourselves from the protection of care and support sometimes does. 

Whether travelling as an individual, a couple, with friends or as a family with a vulnerable member, we've combined our travel expertise with a full range of options for support, from simple assistance, care support or full nursing and medical provision.  

As well as the bespoke care service, many of our planned lifestyle and special interest tours will be accompanied by care and/or support, inclusive in the package.

Your unique solution..
From assistance during travel to full time support throughout your holiday
If you believe you will need care support during travel or throughout your holiday, our Care Advisers will ensure a full assessment is made, with you, to determine exactly what is required while providing CQC (Care Qualified Commission) certified experts to our Carlauren Travel Clients.