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Carlauren Group
Who are Carlauren?

We are a unique and innovative developer of living accommodation, creating lifestyle resorts, retirement and care homes, with luxurious quality and a commitment to the comfort & care of every guest. Carlauren Group manages the entire development process through our award-winning architecture, engineering and interior design division.

With a wealth of experience in the resort, residential and care markets, we are dedicated to providing an unrivalled quality of life for our residents and guests and achieve this by directly managing and operating the resort, hospitality, residential and care facilities across our developments.

Carlauren Travel is able to offer innovative solutions not available elsewhere due to our access to Group resources such as Carlauren Care, Carlauren Aviation and Carlauren Concierge.

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Carlauren Travel
Uninhibited Travel Oppourtunities
Carlauren Travel offers exclusive travel opportunities allowing you to travel to the destination of your choice without any limitations. We are a 'can do' company making the impossible, possible. We take the risk, and most importantly the limitation out of travel to ensure you can keep making new memories for as long as you want.
We are proud to make your dreams a reality through our tailored travel solutions for you and your family or friends while removing any traditional boundaries to travel in later life.  We cater for the wildest of ideas in the locations of your choice while taking into account both your budget, care needs and any other requirements as we create the trip of your lifetime.