Innovative, Unique, Worldwide Travel Services, Provided By Experts...
Innovative, Unique, Worldwide Travel Services, Provided by Experts...
Innovative, Unique, Worldwide Travel Services, Provided by Experts...
Bespoke Travel Services for Individuals to Small Groups
A unique solution allowing for multi-generational travel and adventure
Carlauren Travel provides a bespoke travel service for individuals or small groups focused on tailoring trips to individual needs, budgets, personal preferences and personal circumstances to make any travel, holiday or bucket-list dream a reality; wherever in the world you wish to go.

We seek to serve any traveller who would benefit from our services, with a particular focus on assisting the private members of the Carlauren Resorts programme.

A bespoke set of services for older guests designed to remove any traditional boundaries that might go hand-in-hand with travel in later life.
Indulge in our luxurious travel destinations...

We are part of the Carlauren Group, within which each of our companies specialise in providing premium services to a primary audience of 55 years and above with Carlauren Travel being able to offer innovative solutions none of which are available elsewhere due to our access to Carlauren Group resources such as Carlauren Care, Carlauren Aviation and Carlauren Concierge.


… with your needs taken care of by our bespoke services

Our desire to travel safely, securely and seek out new adventures never changes, but our physical ability to remove ourselves from the protection of care and support sometimes does. Whether travelling as an individual, a couple, with friends or as a family with a vulnerable member, we’ve combined our travel expertise with a full range of options for support, ranging from simple assistance and care support to full nursing and medical provision. All our travel services are available without support, but the concept of care as needed is one of the things that makes us unique; with the aim that you will always be able to travel and explore.

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